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Loads of News!

So, ‘Preacher’, my first single as Heckyl(my new artist project) went gr8! It got loads of great reviews. Here’s just a couple:

“Preacher is prominently synth-based and is bathed with an ear-worm chorus that will live in your brain for days. Melodically beautiful and enchanting in parts, the track is meaningful and sentimental during these times.

Preacher is best described as a hit. One of the strongest debuts of the year ‘Preacher’ gives insight into an exceptional future ahead for Heckyl.”

“Fresh pop artist Heckyl, aka the incredibly talented Luke Potter, drops his first track, ‘Preacher’. Super Catchy and well produced.

The track is something definitely fresh but the thing I can’t get over is how high quality that production is! This always pops in the ear and is going to be one earworm you’ll want to remember. Pop infused and incredibly entertaining, ‘Preacher’ is one track you don’t want to snooze on anytime soon.”

He’s (Heckyl) certainly made a bold opening with his poptastic debut, “Preacher”, in which he introduces himself, his outlook and where he stands in this world.

Heckyl is young, learning but has enough experience to be the preacher in the title of this cool, mid-tempo track. The song is infectious from the moment the beat clicks in and Heckyl’s very solid, often learned vocal perfectly compliments the soundtrack

At the time of writing Preacher has nearly 20,000 streams and is still going on new playlists! Happy with that BUT my other news is that I have 2 more singles on the way

‘Stranger’is my new Heckyl single released on May 7th, 2021. You can hear it by clicking HERE

It’s another self-written, performed song with ‘Kygo-esque’ rhythms, percussion and swirling synths.

I think the song captures the inner voices that I channel through Heckyl and refer to the anxiety often experienced late at night when feelings are heightened by that imaginary monster that “crawls inside my head”. I hope it’s relatable and, in difficult times like these, that the feelings expressed will resonate with people.

I’m gonna tell you about the other single in a few days soon but it’s a special song with quite a history and involved a platinum selling producer and the cream of the LA session players!

And, FINALLY, my bro Jacob Browne, just released ‘People Change’, a song I co-wrote with him and also produced! I think it’s awesome so please go check out HERE

And our songs have now HIT over 1 million Spotify streams in the last 12 months! Amazing and there’s lots more on the way 🙂

Please check back soon for more news!


Meet Heckyl

It is with an excited, if anxious, heart that I have decided to start a new artist project called ‘Heckyl’

Over the years I have worked with some incredibly talented writers and producers, but behind the scenes I have slowly been putting myself in a position to release music that I have written, performed and produced in my Sweet Factory Studio!

The idea behind all this is that some people struggle with that voice inside their head… especially when that particular voice has the ability to either makes you feel extremely low, be overly sensitive or just help feed creativity. Yes, it’s a curse that is sometimes a blessing. Heckyl is my inner voice!

In the songs I hope you’ll hear all of that madness combined. Simply put they’ll be about my life and my experiences of dealing with ‘Heckyl’

And the first single Preacher is out on March 26th! Here’s a link to pre-save to it: Preacher

What If I – The Video