Luke Potter Music

End of Summer…

So much to share… but my BIG news is that I’m finally going to release my first album on November 18th, 2014. It’s gonna be made up of 10 songs I recorded in LA produced by the awesome Bleu and it’ll include ‘It’s Okay To Dream’ together with tunes that will be totally new to everyone! Can’t wait but will keep everyone posted both here and on social media.

You heard it here first! The album is gonna be called ‘So Sugar’ which is also the first single too!

And I’m still writing and recording too. Just got back last week from sessions in Sweden where I recorded a new song, ‘Do You Love Me’ with the amazing Maria Marcus and wrote another, ‘Storms’, with 2 young guys from Stockholm. (Hjalmar and Marcus). Think it’s pretty special too 🙂

And I’ve just filmed a new video for ‘So Sugar’ this weekend that features an old friend, Stina Sanders. It’ll be out sooooon!

Then this Sunday (Oct 5th) I drove off for a 2 week School Tour in Kent! Mad!!!

Lots more soon so do check back!