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Happy New Year!

So, so proud of the new single, ‘Upside Down’ by Jacob Browne that I co-wrote with him and produced too! It was released on Jan 1st, 2021 and is an amazing start to what, I hope, is a better year for everyone. Please, please check it out here:

It has got great feedback too with it being Record of the Day (Jan 8th, 2021). They said:

“ With its infectious guitar hook, singalong chorus and lush production, this anthemic blast of upbeat pop, in the vein of Imagine Dragons meets Shawn Mendes, is an absolute gem. In a time, where we are wondering what’s up and what’s down still, this hooky slice of pop from an unsigned artist is just the shimmering light we need now.”

And KMS also commented:

“…In some way, ‘Upside Down’ could as well be the anthem for these crazy times. With a very relaxed and warm appeal, the tune uses an intriguing mixture of handmade instrument loops and rhythmic electro grooves. The versatile vocals feel both honest and friendly, and when harmonized, they give the track a gorgeous glow. Plus the chorus part really is catchy; this makes you sing along in an instant. All the ingredients of the song blend seamlessly through a flawless mix. Long story short, this track is a well-rounded groove vaccine for everybody.”