Luke Potter Music

Hi from Weston-Super-Mare

So it’s been a great start to the New Year! I’ve been getting to grips with the Home Studio with lots of new software and trying to play piano which has been a lot of fun. You can hear how its going on the covers I’ve put out on SoundCloud. And I’m planning on doing more and some originals too!

Plus I just released my new video for ‘There It Goes Again’, which was FUN!

It’s been crazy on the social media too and last night I got to 100,000 Twitter followers! It’s great having so many new friends or ‘dreamers’ as I call them all over the world. They are awesome!

On the writing front I just had Hjalmar and Marcus come visit me from Sweden and we wrote and recorded some new songs that I am so excited about. They are amazing writers and producers and I’m so thrilled to be working with them! Hoping to get one out March-April time so watch out 🙂

And I’m off on tour too! Next week I’ve a couple of shows and then I’m doing a 2-week school tour at the end of March. Busy!

More sooon!