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June / July News

So it’s almost time to head back to LA. Only 2 days and I’ll be flying off to record more songs with Bleu producing. And I’m hoping to meet and write with some great guys too!

Very excited 🙂

Most of my efforts over the last few weeks have been working on new songs for the trip but I did manage to film a video for ‘There It Goes Again’, which is a song I recorded with Bleu back in April. There’s an outtakes video up on YouTube so do take a look if you can. It’s a bit of fun J Link is:

Also, since my last update I have been working with my good friend Jules on re- recording two songs in a country style to hopefully show my songwriting talents.  The first one is called ‘ What Do You Want’ and is being sung by the very talented Marissa May. The other is ‘Coming Home’, Jules and I co- wrote the new version and he is singing lead vocal. It’s all a bit different but I’m really happy with how they turned out. Must put Nashville on my list of places to go!

I’m hoping to be touring in the autumn so please keep a lookout at my ‘live dates’ section of this website.

Enjoying the hot weather and hope everybody who reads this is having a great summer too!

More news soon 😀