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Free Falling News

Sorry, this is a long post but lots to tell you all about…

So, my new artist project, Heckyl, has been going since March this year and on July 16th I’m releasing the 4th single, ‘Free Falling Down’. It’s so good to be putting all this music out now and there’s gonna be a new one pretty much every 4 weeks going forward with maybe an EP slipped in too. Yeah, so much in the locker that I just want to share!

Just click HERE for the pre-save link to Free Falling Down. I really hope you like it 🙂

And if you’d like the Spotify link for all the Heckyl songs, please click HERE and please follow 🙂

On other fronts I’ve been crazy busy in my Sweet Factory studio working on many exciting things and, whilst a lot of them are still in development, I can tell you about several projects that I think you should check out!

Firstly, my Bro, Jacob Browne, has just released another song that we co-wrote and I produced. It’s called ‘Say Something’ and you can find it HERE – in the last 12 months the songs we’ve worked on now have 1 million + Spotify streams, which is amazing for an independent artist. And we’ve still got quite a few to hit you with too.

And I recently mixed (and did some post production) for the new single by Munich based singer-songwriter, Ryan Inglis. When I started off on this music thing Ryan was my first mentor so it’s quite an honour to be asked to do this. The song is also called Munichso please look out for that. It’s out on July 30th!

Lots more soon!