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New Music

So I just signed a deal with Swedish label, LMG Outfly, to release new music. There’s a whole batch of new singles scheduled for release over the next few months starting with ‘Somebody Else’ on September 11th, 2020. It’s a new start and I’m pretty excited about things!

Here’s the pre-release link:


It’s been a strange time for us all and not being able to travel and write with friends or have them in my studio, The Sweet Factory, has been challenging! But the technology we now have means that I’ve been able to keep busy writing and recording with old and new friends both in Europe and the States.

It’s incredible that I can sit in my little studio recording and be live-streaming with someone anywhere in the world.

Aside from co-writing and producing new tracks for my buddy, the extremely talented Jacob Browne, I’ve also co-written my a cut titled ‘Waking Up’ for Korean band, Purple Rain that’s out on their debut album. Check out the YouTube video for the song here:

Another great session was when I got together with my old friend and mentor, Bleu McAuley, and we recorded a song together (him in LA and me in Weston-Super-Mare) that I wrote especially for my wife, Kayleigh. It’s called ‘You Looked My Way’ and I’m hoping to share it with you all one day.

Lots more writing and producing projects in progress and in the pipeline so do check back soon!