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Back in the USA and other stories…

Hi All, just got back from a month in the USA which was awesome. So my new friend and amazing drummer, percussionist and singer Ben and I did 10 shows on the ‘Camplified’ tour (Summer Camps). This took us to Florida and then up to New York, across to Chicago, Milwaukee and Detroit and then into Pennsylvania and back to New York. It was amazing playing to everyone and doing an amazing road trip! What a beautiful country 🙂

And I’ve been writing more (yes, more!) songs and recording them too. My cover video of David Archuleta’s great pop song, ‘Crush’, got uploaded a couple of weeks too. If you haven’t seen it pop across to my YouTube channel.

Lots of new music soon and a video for my own song, ‘It’s Okay To Dream’ is coming is out imminently. Plus it’ll be available from iTunes or as a FREE download for people signing up to this website. If you haven’t then it’s easy!

Back soon with plenty more and remember, ‘It’s Okay To Dream’ 🙂

Updates from Home…

So, I’ve managed to have some quality time here at home this last month. It’s been peaceful and great catching up with friends.

And I’ve kept pretty busy too recording and filming 3 new videos. First up I’ve just uploaded a cover of one of my fave songs, ‘Say Something’ by A Great Big World featuring Christina Aguilera. If you want to see the video just click here:



And there are 2 more videos on the way including a cover of ‘Crush’ by David Archuleta and my song, ‘It’s Okay To Dream’ which will include many, many selfies of friends and followers. I think it looks great and I can’t wait to share with you.

Lots of things in the calendar coming up so please check back for news. 😀

More Travels!

So, I’m back again in the UK after a couple of weeks in LA and Orlando. Aside from meeting with my wonderful managers, Gina and Melinda, I had time to co-write 3 new songs that I’m really happy about! One is called ‘Strong Man’ and I think it’s pretty awesome even if I say it myself 🙂

And I got to see Casey Abrams and Crystal Bowersox live in LA and chat to them afterwards. Both amazing people and artists!!!

Also had a 7-hour photo shoot with an amazing photographer, Dan Austen, in Orlando. Hopefully, we’ll be uploading some of the shots soon!

I’m now writing at home and rehearsing my live set as I’m hoping to be out touring soon.  More soon…