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June / July News

So it’s almost time to head back to LA. Only 2 days and I’ll be flying off to record more songs with Bleu producing. And I’m hoping to meet and write with some great guys too!

Very excited 🙂

Most of my efforts over the last few weeks have been working on new songs for the trip but I did manage to film a video for ‘There It Goes Again’, which is a song I recorded with Bleu back in April. There’s an outtakes video up on YouTube so do take a look if you can. It’s a bit of fun J Link is:

Also, since my last update I have been working with my good friend Jules on re- recording two songs in a country style to hopefully show my songwriting talents.  The first one is called ‘ What Do You Want’ and is being sung by the very talented Marissa May. The other is ‘Coming Home’, Jules and I co- wrote the new version and he is singing lead vocal. It’s all a bit different but I’m really happy with how they turned out. Must put Nashville on my list of places to go!

I’m hoping to be touring in the autumn so please keep a lookout at my ‘live dates’ section of this website.

Enjoying the hot weather and hope everybody who reads this is having a great summer too!

More news soon 😀

May Updates

Well where did that month go….?

Have had lots of great news this month:
Firstly, its been confirmed that I’m going back to LA throughout August and recording the final six sings that will make up my Album. The working title is “Flying Like Peter Pan’ but this may change. Anyway, I’ll be working with Bleu again so can’t wait to get started!
Another brilliant opportunity is that Im getting to write with the Grammy award winning Songwriter Darrell Brown when I go back to the states. Darrell is an amazing guy and iI’m so excited at the thought of working with him.

Have some exciting meetings set up in the uk over the next few weeks so hopefully there’ll be more news next time…fingers crossed!

On a personal note, have had a great time hanging out with my friends after being away. As much as I love getting out and about with my music it’s always good to have the opportunity to chill with my mates. Thanks guys.

June 3rd, 2013

Los Angeles – April 2013 Update

Where to start?

What a month …(just getting over the jet lag!!)

Had an AMAZING time in Los Angeles – great place full of great people. The sun is always shining and the mountain views are incredible If you wanna check it all out I’ve put together an album of photos to show what I’ve been up to so hopefully you can check them out.

The first thing to tell you is that I was back in the studio recording with the brilliant producer Bleu again and I have come back with 3 fantastic songs that I’m so excited about and can’t wait to share with you. They are called ‘Sadie’, ‘Possibility’ and ‘There It Goes Again’. The feedback I’ve gotten so far has been really great and *fingers crossed* it carries on…

During my final week I attended the ASCAP Expo. This is such a good place to get the chance to listen to people who have already made their career in the music business and meet with those, like me, who are still trying. I really enjoyed listening to Katie Perry talk about her experiences so far. But, the highlight for me was when I got the chance to sing on stage for Darrell Brown, the award winning songwriter & producer. He was so kind and supportive, a truly lovely guy. He invited me to meet with him again a few days later – awesome! Looking forward to getting together with him in a few weeks here in good old UK.

I could go on and on but don’t want to over do it but want to just mention some of the other great people that made my trip the best one yet

Katie Cole – thank you so much for inviting me to play at the Hard Rock Cafe, what a great experience.

Joe Seiders – awesome drummer, whistle blower etc. Awesome guy!

Ken Morton (HIGHWIREDAZE) – great to have shared time with you in the stunning setting of the famous Sunset Tower Hotel. Doing the interview there really gave me a taste of LA high life. Ha Ha.

Sue Drew and all at  ASCAP – looking forward to you hearing all the new songs. Thanks for the opportunity to play at this years ASCAP expo. I had a fun time and the Expo was great.

Suzy (Screw Loose!) Skarulis – it was great having your lovely vibe in the studio. And thanks for taking me to my first American house party!

And lastly (but not ‘leastly’!): Kevin and Michael – Thank you for spending the time to show me around ‘Taxi’, and for taking the time to listen to my new songs. Your feedback was fantastic.

Overall I think I’ve gained not only a lot of musical experience but also gained some really great friends!

Cheers everyone. Don’t forget to check out the photos if you can.